ASO Mistakes the Rookies Are Making

ASO mistakes

We had the pleasure of being hosted as a guest blogger on Appsee, an analytics platform for mobile that allows you to optimize the user experience in your app.

Many apps face a difficult challenge, to be discovered amongst the other millions of apps in the App Store and/or Google Play. This is where ASO will benefit your app, but only if it’s done the right way. In our post we cover four ASO mistakes that rookies tend to make.

  1. Focusing on high volume keywords
  2. Keyword stuffing in app titles and descriptions
  3. Not paying enough attention to the icon, screenshot and app preview
  4. Treating ASO as a one-time thing

It’s important to know that once you’ve mastered the above points, you should A/B test your hypothesis to make sure you’re fully optimizing your app store page. Never guess what your users may think they like, always test to see if your efforts and hard work are giving you the best results you could possibly get. Want to learn more? Click here for the full article!