Attain Top Search Rankings with ASO | NativeX White Paper

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Ryan Weber (NativeX), with help from Japheth Dillman (YetiZen), Hugh Kimura (Apptamin) and Gabe Kwakyui (Incipia), recently released a white paper on how to achieve discovery and high search rankings in the app store.

67% of search influences the way in which users find apps they download. As such, app store optimization becomes key for marketers and developers alike. It’s definitely not something that can be ignored.

The report covers free and paid tools available for mobile marketers and developers, which can help apps gain greater visibility, discoverability and downloads. This guide also answers the following questions:

• What is app store optimization?
• What influences users to download an app?
• How are users discovering apps?
• What impact do paid installs have on organic installs?
• What do you need to measure for effective search discovery?
• How do you pick the right keywords?
• What tools are available to help with keyword selection?
• How does relevance, difficulty and popularity affect keyword prioritization?
• What are On-Page and Off-Page influence factors?
• Which On-Page factors can improve your search rank?
• Which Off-Page factors can improve your search rank?
• How do you optimize paid campaign delivery for the purpose of influencing Off-Page factors?
• What can you do in your app to influence Ratings and Reviews to improve ranking and conversion rate?
• What are best practices for optimizing your app store click-through and conversion rates?
• What tools are available to help with A/B Testing to determine best assets to use?

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About author & contributors

Ryan Weber (author) is the Co-Founder/Chief Product Officer at NativeX, a leading native advertising technology for mobile games. Ryan has helped develop products that improve the way content developers monetise their apps and increase customer engagement for advertisers.

Japheth Dillman (contributor) is the Co-Founder and Chief Creative Officer at YetiZen, helping startups be successful in their business. He has 25 years of experience in mobile and social games. Plus, Japheth has worked as an Executive Producer and Lead Designer at numerous studios.

Hugh Kimura (contributor) is a marketing manager at Apptamin, where he helps developers with creating leading mobile app video creatives to better app discovery. Previously, Hugh worked at Sensor Tower as Head of Content, where he assisted with the development of content on ASO.

Gabe Kwakyi (contributor) is the Co-Founder and CEO of Incipia, an all-in-one mobile app company that helps companies build and market mobile apps. Previously, Gabe worked at Microsoft Bing Ads as a search account manager.