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Quality Traffic Sources for App Store Page A/B Testing

If you’re familiar with App Store Optimisation (ASO), then you probably know that refining your storefront in the app store is crucial for converting “explorers” (those browsing your page in the app store) into users. In order to have a successful storefront it’s important to a/b test your app store page elements...

Five Myths of Conversion Optimization Debunked by Iryna Pototska

conversion optimization

Iryna Pototska is a tech journalist at Yalantis, a mobile development company. She writes about mobile app development, industry trends, app marketing and app monetization strategies. Working with developers and designers, she also writes case studies about Yalantis projects. Today she debunks five large myths about conversion...

App Localization Is More than Just Translation by Lior Eldan

app localization

Lior Eldan is the Co-Founder & COO of Moburst, a mobile success agency that helps brands and startups grow through innovative, creative, and cost-effective mobile campaigns. Today he shares with us some insights on app localization based on cultural characteristics, and how some changes can help your app succeed. App Localization Is More...

6 Tools to Generate Keywords for App Store Optimization by Steve Young

Generate Keywords

Steve Young “started building apps in 2011, but had no idea what [he] was doing. Then in 2013 [he] decided to start a podcast so [he] could pick the brains of app creators that [he] admired including the co-founder of Shazam, Tapbots, Crossy Road, etc and that changed everything.” Steve now runs an app promotion agency,

App Store Page A/B Testing: How Not to Flink Up Your Test

App store page

These days you would rarely find an app developer or an app marketing manager that hasn’t heard of or tried app store page A/B testing. Everybody seems to understand the importance of it. The app listing page is your storefront, and you want to make sure it is as attractive to potential buyers as possible. The concept of comparing two variants...