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App Indexing: An Untapped Channel for App Discovery by Cole Strehlow

app indexing

Cole Strehlow is involved with content management and digital marketing at Mobilispot, a marketing service for apps. He works with experts to help identify app marketing trends, as well as, strategize ways to help apps succeed. Today he shares with us the importance of app indexing for app discovery. If your app isn’t indexed and optimized...

App Localization Is More than Just Translation by Lior Eldan

app localization

Lior Eldan is the Co-Founder & COO of Moburst, a mobile success agency that helps brands and startups grow through innovative, creative, and cost-effective mobile campaigns. Today he shares with us some insights on app localization based on cultural characteristics, and how some changes can help your app succeed. App Localization Is More...

How To Do Mobile Game Marketing And Stay Profitable (And Sane) by Eugenia Dychko

mobile game marketing

Eugine is a Content Manager at ComboApp, an app marketing & PR agency. She’s a passionate individual, who knows the ins and outs of the mobile app industry. Eugine has 4 years of experience in marketing and content writing, with a strong understanding of app monetization and social media. Today she shares with us tips on how...

6 Tools to Generate Keywords for App Store Optimization by Steve Young

Generate Keywords

Steve Young “started building apps in 2011, but had no idea what [he] was doing. Then in 2013 [he] decided to start a podcast so [he] could pick the brains of app creators that [he] admired including the co-founder of Shazam, Tapbots, Crossy Road, etc and that changed everything.” Steve now runs an app promotion agency,

App Store Tips & Tricks by Japheth Dillman

app store tips

Japheth Dillman co-founded YetiZen as Chief Creative Officer, a program that helps other startups find monumental success. He is an Executive Producer and Lead Designer at numerous studios, and has guided many successful gaming platforms. Today he shares with us some basic app store tips and tricks to achieve success in the app store. App Store...

The REAL Definition of App Store Optimization by Todd Dunham

search visibility

Todd Dunham, CTO and Co-Founder at The ASO Project (and all around ASO guru), shares with us some insights on ASO. He breaks it down for us, explaining how keywords research, search visibility and tracking is just a snippet of ASO, and that there are more factors that play into this ‘new buzz term’. He further goes on to explain what...

From iTunes to Google Play: Baby Steps or Giant Leaps? By Tom Leclerc

google play

Tom Leclerc is an ASO Manager at Wooga, and an overall specialist covering unpaid acquisition, UA, development, analysis and much more. Today he gives a rundown on the differences between iTunes and the Google Play store, in order to assist marketers and developers who are using it. Whatever your reasons for investing in app development on Google...