Google AdWords Setup Tutorial for Your TestNest Experiment

Google Adwords Tutorial

There are various sources you can use to send traffic to your TestNest experiment, and Google AdWords is one of them (outside of Facebook and Instagram). Below we have outlined the steps in order to get your AdWords campaign set up.

Step 1: Choose campaign type

The first step would be to choose your campaign type as ‘Display Network only’.

google adwords tutorial

Step 2: Drive action

The second step is to select what you want to do with your campaign. In this case, you want to drive users to your business/ app. In this step you’ll need to select  ‘marketing objectives’ then ‘drive action’ then click on ‘visit your business’.

google adwords tutorial

Step 3: Choose locations

The third step would be to select which locations you want to target in your campaign. For instance, you would want to target people in US and Canada only, Germany, all countries and territories, etc. Only select locations to where your app would be relevant. If your app is only designed for one region or country, only select that region or country.

google adwords tutorial

Step 4: Select languages

The fourth step is to select the languages that your customers speak. This setting determines whether your ad can show for a specific language setting on Google. Please note that AdWords does not translate your ads. For instance, if you selected Japan as your targeted country in step 3, then you’ll want to select Japanese for your language.

google adwords tutorial

Step 5: Choose your bidding strategy and budget

The next step is to choose how much you want to spend on your Google AdWords campaign. You first want to select the bid strategy, either a CPC (cost per click), which many people tend to use, or a CPA (cost per acquisition), which is designed for more advanced users. For more information on the bidding types, visit Google AdWords bidding basics page.

google adwords tutorial

Step 6: Select the devices to target

The sixth step is to choose the devices you want to target. This is where your ads will show up. Under operating systems, select ‘let me choose’ then click on either iOS or Android, depending on the type of experiment you are running on TestNest.

You’ll then need to scroll down to device models and select ‘original iPhone (app only)’, which will add in all the different iPhone models. For Android devices, select  ‘Android’, which will add in all the available Android devices.

google adwords tutorial

Step 7: Set the experiment URL

The next step would be to set the landing page to the URL that was created from your TestNest experiment.

google adwords tutorial

Step 8: Enter in your targeted keywords

After setting your landing page URL, you’ll need to enter in your targeted keywords. For help researching keywords, please visit our blog post on various tools available to generate keywords for app store optimization. Remember, you want keywords that are low in competition and high in search volume.

google adwords tutorial

Step 9: Create your ad

The second to the last step is to create your own text ad. You’ll have to make sure all fields are filled out, and you’ll need to click the checkbox for ‘mobile’ under device preference. You’ll be able to see what your ad looks like in the display screen below the text boxes. Click done to save your campaign.

google adwords tutorial

Step 10: Network campaign created

Your AdWords campaign is now created! If you would like, you can setup conversion tracking to see which campaign and keywords are most effective.

google adwords tutorial