Quality Traffic Sources for App Store Page A/B Testing


If you’re familiar with App Store Optimisation (ASO), then you probably know that refining your storefront in the app store is crucial for converting “explorers” (those browsing your page in the app store) into users. In order to have a successful storefront it’s important to a/b test your app store page elements (i.e. icon, screenshots, keywords, etc.) to make sure your app store landing page is optimized.

But having well-designed variations to test is not the only part of the experiment that you need to consider. You also need to send high quality users to your test in order to understand and analize your results. Otherwise, you may run into a few walls such as low conversions or statistically insignificant results (which we define as anything below 95 percent).

So the question is, where do you get your users from? What other paid sources are out there that won’t make your bank account hate you, but will send you quality explorers to your experiment.

Big Three: Facebook, Twitter, Google

One of the most used and high-quality traffic sources for app store a/b testing is Facebook, Twitter and Google, which I’m sure you already guessed. These three platforms are able to offer sophisticated targeting options and data to help your ads reach your targeted users. However, they can become a bit expensive, especially if you’re a smaller company, an indie developer, or maybe someone that has only recently jumped on the ASO train and cannot afford to allocate thousands just yet.


Instagram is a great platform for apps that fall under a very specific niche, such as ones with filtering, video and photo editing capabilities. Although fairly new, it can work better than Facebook especially if you fall under this category of apps. We did an a/b experiment for Mogram, an Instagram filtering app, using both Facebook and Instagram ads. We discovered very early on in the test that quality of traffic we were receiving from Instagram was much higher than Facebook. As such, we turned off Facebook ads, and used Instagram users for the duration of our experiment.

If it makes sense for your app, then check out Instagram ads as a high quality traffic source for your a/b test.

For Google Play

Besides using Google Universal App Campaigns, you can also check out Cheetah Ad Platform, which is the second largest developer on Google Play. They have a network of over 1000 publishers, which gives advertisers access to millions of users around the world.

For Gaming Apps

Is your app a gaming app? Then there are platforms that can drive traffic designed specifically for your type of app.

  • ChartBoost is a mobile games-only ad platform that offers state-of-the-art targeting with the ability to track installs.
  • AppLift can reach an extremely large number of users worldwide, and they work with over 5000 media partners.
  • Motive focuses on ad network for games, with a publisher network that is invite only.

For Non-Gaming Apps

Do you have a utility app, or maybe a music or productivity app? Here are a handful of platforms that can provide you with high quality users for your experiment.

  • Yahoo Gemini offers app install ads that can reach millions of users on Tumblr and Yahoo’s mobile sites and apps.
  • Leadbolt is ranked as one of the world’s leading ad networks, and offers you a self-serve platform or one that comes with a manager to help you from start to finish.
  • MobAir can give you quality traffic through native ads and performance campaigns. They specialize in e-commerce, gaming, utility and travel apps.
  • Mob vista is Asia’s largest mobile advertising business that reaches users in over 240 countries.
  • Yeahmobi can reach users in 200 countries, and allows you tap into users on Facebook and other social media platforms.
  • Propeller Ads offers one of the biggest ad networks in mobile, and they can connect you to users in over 195 countries.
  • Blackfox gives you access to high quality traffic around the globe.
  • InMobi specializes in app promotion, allowing you to promote your app through “discovery zones embedded across 40,000 apps”.

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Whether you’re testing variations for your app’s icon, screenshots, app preview, name or keywords, it’s important to use high quality traffic sources for your app store page a/b testing experiment.

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