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App Store Best Practices: Optimizing for Clicks and Conversions


If your app is not as major of a player in the App Store as some other apps like Instagram or Minecraft, then you’re probably not seeing hundreds of thousands of downloads on a monthly basis. But that doesn’t mean that you can’t get there through some simple optimization. Those of you who have (or will soon have) an app listed in the app...

App Store Optimization Beginner’s Guide: 6 Ways to Get Your App Noticed

App Store Optimization

Before we jump into how your app can stand out in the app store with this app store optimization beginner’s guide, it’s important to understand a few things. Inbound marketing has changed the way that companies behave online forever. Instead of targeting an audience across multiple marketing channels with advertisements and marketing...

App Demo Video: The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Killer Preview

app demo video

An demo video, a.k.a app preview, was first released by Apple in iOS 8 at the end of 2014. It was a hit! Everyone got on top of it and started to put together their video to be released in the App Store. With that came a lot of hurdles that many apps had to overcome, which in turn lead to many lessons learned and valuable information released...