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App Store SEO Marketing: Why is it Important?

App Store SEO Marketing

Make your app appear in related searches so that users can discover and download it. In order to do so, app store SEO marketing needs to be a key component of your mobile strategy. With over two million apps available in the Android and Apple stores and 63% of iPhone app discoveries occurring via general browsing in the stores, it is critical...

App Store Page A/B Testing: How Not to Flink Up Your Test

App store page

These days you would rarely find an app developer or an app marketing manager that hasn’t heard of or tried app store page A/B testing. Everybody seems to understand the importance of it. The app listing page is your storefront, and you want to make sure it is as attractive to potential buyers as possible. The concept of comparing two variants...

The REAL Definition of App Store Optimization by Todd Dunham

search visibility

Todd Dunham, CTO and Co-Founder at The ASO Project (and all around ASO guru), shares with us some insights on ASO. He breaks it down for us, explaining how keywords research, search visibility and tracking is just a snippet of ASO, and that there are more factors that play into this ‘new buzz term’. He further goes on to explain what...