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Attain Top Search Rankings with ASO | NativeX White Paper

search rankings

Ryan Weber (NativeX), with help from Japheth Dillman (YetiZen), Hugh Kimura (Apptamin) and Gabe Kwakyui (Incipia), recently released a white paper on how to achieve discovery and high search rankings in the app store. 67% of search influences the way in which users find apps they download. As such, app store optimization becomes key for marketers...

App Store SEO Marketing: Why is it Important?

App Store SEO Marketing

Make your app appear in related searches so that users can discover and download it. In order to do so, app store SEO marketing needs to be a key component of your mobile strategy. With over two million apps available in the Android and Apple stores and 63% of iPhone app discoveries occurring via general browsing in the stores, it is critical...

From iTunes to Google Play: Baby Steps or Giant Leaps? By Tom Leclerc

google play

Tom Leclerc is an ASO Manager at Wooga, and an overall specialist covering unpaid acquisition, UA, development, analysis and much more. Today he gives a rundown on the differences between iTunes and the Google Play store, in order to assist marketers and developers who are using it. Whatever your reasons for investing in app development on Google...