How to Add 3rd Party Tracking Sources to Your TestNest Experiment


Customers often ask us how to add third party tracking sites like Adjust or AppsFlyer (the most popular ones) to their TestNest experiment, so we’ve put together this short tutorial to help guide you through the process. If you’re using a different tracking site besides Appsflyer or Adjust, the process is more so the same.

App developers and marketers usually use these third party tracking sources to track how many people actually install the app after clicking on the “GET” button on the experiment page. If you’ve already created your experiment, all you’ll need to do is update the “INSTALL LINK” in your TestNest experiment (or set it when you create an experiment) to the URL that one of the third party tracking systems generate for you. Let’s take a look at how to generate and where to set these up in your TestNest experiment.



Step 1: In order to generate a custom media source link in Appsflyer for your INSTALL button link in your TestNest experiment, you need to click on the “Media source configuration” in the menu bar.


Step 2: Click on “Configure a custom media source” button. It will open a form like the one above where you’d want to enter your source name and campaign name.
Step 3: You’ll get a tracking link that you should use as your INSTALL button link in your TestNest experiment. Scroll down to learn how to update your TestNest INSTALL button link.



Step 1: In order to generate a custom media source link in Adjust for your INSTALL button link in your TestNest experiment, you need to click on “+ New Tracker”, which will bring up a box to enter in a URL.
Step 2: Paste your real App Store or Google Play link, and click on “create tracker”.

Step 3: Click on the dotted lines on the right hand side, and then on “copy URL”. Use this link as your INSTALL link in your TestNest experiment.

Adding a tracking link to your TestNest experiment

Now that you’ve created your tracking link, the nest step would be to edit your existing experiment (or add it to your experiment that you’re setting up).


Step 1: In order to update your existing experiment, you must first select ‘edit’ located under the gear icon drop-down list, on the right hand side of your dashboard.


Step 2: Scroll down until you reach your experiment settings, and replace the INSTALL button link with the third party link you created.
Step 3: Click on update at the very bottom of the screen, and voilà! You’re now ready to start tracking your installs on Appsflyer, Adjust, or any other third party site you’re using.

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